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Collection Elin

Collection Elin, summer 2012 - the design of the clothes in this collection captures comfort and elegance.

The simple and elegant designs combined with the comfort of the light cotton and linen fabrics make the clothes from the collection equally suitable for both formal events and for the everyday horsing around of every kid.


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Bluza cu maneca scurta

Kids' blouse with short sleeves

Preț: 4.99лв.
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Pantaloni scurti fetite

Kids' shorts for girls

Preț: 15.00лв.
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Palarie fetite

Kids' hat for girls

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Camasa pentru baieti

Kids' shirt for boys.

Preț: 19.99лв.
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Pantaloni scurti

Kids' shorts for boys.

Preț: 15.00лв.
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